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Fryfogel Tavern

Address: 1931 Hwy 7/8 Shakespeare, ON

Fryfogel Tavern was a 19th century stagecoach stop and resting place for incoming settlers to the Canada Company's Huron Tract. The Canada Company arranged to have taverns at intervals along the Huron Road of which this is the sole survivor. Fryfogel Tavern was built by Perth County's first settler, Sebastian Fryfogel, in 1844-45. It replaced a log shelter built in 1827 at the time the Canada Company's Huron Road was being surveyed in 1827-28. The first log building was probably 3.8m x 7.5m, set back a fair distance from the road and Tavern Brook. The year when it was replaced by the present building is not known exactly, because Sebastian Fryfogel, township assessor at the time, "omitted" listing his new building. It wasn't until a new assessor took over that it first appeared on records. Other sources indicate construction during 1844-45. Fieldstones, located on the site, and used in the south wall and basement, are in a random Germanic design, positioned to expose as much surface as possible. Large stone surfaces with the least mortar are placed along the front and back foundations where stoops or verandas would be built. (source: